TheTrio Larry and I just finished an East Coast tour in the U.S. We traveled with Cathleen who came from Europe in order to be with us in the communities she grew up in. We taught classes in Philadelphia and Stroudsburg, PA. We taught in Silver Spring, MD and Alexandria, VA. We taught in Manhattan in the financial district and at the Tavern on the Green in NYC. We had a ton of fun even though the schedule was grueling at times.

The day we arrived in Philadelphia our ride came to pick us up from the airport. There was a miscommunication and so the car was very small for the amount of luggage the three of us had! Luckily Larry is a good packer but still there were two heavy bags that we needed to hold on our laps. Three of us packed like sardines in the back seat of the Toyota Prius. This was comical enough but then to top us off we had to balance the luggage. We instantly saw the humor of the situation, took a selfie and laughed! It wasn’t too long of a drive so we survived just fine but there is no doubt we will always remember and reminisce about it. Rolling with the flow is an essential part of travel…giving grace to others when it’s stressful is also essential. If you can laugh in the moment, seeing the humor of a stressful situation (especially when everyone is tired) this is a key component to building healthy relationships that last long into the future!

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