Fucose is one of the eight sugar nutrients surrounding all the cells in the human body. The effect of the individual monosaccharide, Fucose, on skin cells has been investigated by multiple companies as they search for ways to create more youthful skin. There are a number of significant scientific studies conducted at various research institutes which demonstrate that Fucose reduces skin-aging effects. For example, it was shown that Fucose has scientifically proven benefits in fighting the aging process when added in sufficient concentration to skin-cream. Some of these benefits include:


Fucose reduces wrinkles by thickening the skin (the dermis and epidermis) and improving hydration of the skin-cells

Slows down and even reverses age-related loss of skin thickness by inhibiting the production of key enzymes (matrix metalloproteases MMP-2, MMP-9) responsible for the decomposition and resultant reduction in skin thickness with increasing age

Improves skin elasticity by stimulating the creation of elastin (biosynthesis), deposition and the density of elastic fibers

Strengthens the epidermis by encouraging the growth of skin cells/fibroblasts

Improves hydration by stimulating the creation of key glycans supporting the skin (glycosaminoglycan (GAG) biosynthesis)

Improves protection of skin cells by reducing oxidative stress

Skin Sensitivity

Reduces hypersensitive skin reactions by inhibiting immune system response (lymphokine activities)

Demonstrates anti-allergic effects as it suppresses reactions associated with allergic contact dermatitis. Scientists hypothesize that the fucose-mannose receptor plays an important role in skin immune-allergic reactions

Alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis. Several publications state that Fucose plays a central role in psoriasis disease and it is assumed that the treatment with Fucose can alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis

Increases production of human skin fibroblasts by protecting them against cell-death produced by reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS is involved in a number of inflammatory processes as well as age-associated diseases.

Scientific Studies

Scientifically proven effectiveness has been demonstrated in several in vivo and in vitro studies which investigated the dermatological effects of Fucose. In a study done by C. Robert and others (2005), they demonstrated the power of a skin cream containing Fucose on the treatment of wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet). In this study, 20 subjects with crows feet applied this skin cream twice-a-day for a period of 4 weeks. The results of the study showed a significant reduction of wrinkles (>65%) in the majority of subjects.

Having healthy cells impacts all areas of the human body. The skin is the largest organ as it covers the body. It is usually the first-line of defense against the outside world. Glyconutrients are an essential component for youthful, vibrant skin. Whether on the inside or the outside of our body, the cell surface sugar structures surrounding cells must be flourishing for the biological processes to run properly. Science is now uncovering the many ways these sugar nutrients affect the flexible and protective layer to keep us comfortable in our own skin.

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