Many thanks to Martha Towner for sending in this healthy recipe for a sauerkraut salad and this isn’t just an ordinary sauerkraut! Be sure to see all the way to the end as she shares with us HOW she makes this super healthy and tasty addition to your salad! 
Use What You Have Salad
by Martha Towner

(adding pink ginger sauerkraut with what I had in the fridge.)

I set aside 1/4 cup sauerkraut per serving


–shred Chinese cabbage

–dice one small organic apple

— sliver 1/4 cup onion

–sliver 1/2 cup fresh nopales (cactus leaf)

–10 sprigs of cilantro


Top with Pink Ginger Sauerkraut, Pecans and three table spoons of olive oil.

(No need for either salt nor vinegar as the sauerkraut fulfills both functions.)


saurkrautPink Ginger Sauerkraut

–Shred half a normal cabbage, organic if possible.  (Save one floppy leaf out.)
–Shred three leaves of a red cabbage.
–About 3-10 slices of fresh ginger root (more or less depending on your personal preference for the ginger spice.)

-Mix then start pounding (I use a 1 inch dowel) into a wide mouth quart jar, alternating the cabbage with good sea salt (1 t. at a time) until you have added 3 t. of salt and maybe all of the cabbage filling the jar leaving approx 1 cup of space at the top of the jar to allow room for the liquid/fermentation.

Some salty juice should start to rise.
Add one tablespoon of plain kefir whey (you can make it or get it at an health food store), and tuck in the extra cabbage leaf around the top to help hold the mass down in the brine.  Add more water if it is not completely covered, then use a narrow mouth jelly jar (1/2 pint) that the bottom fits neatly into the top of the quart jar (both jars are upright–see picture). Add water to the jelly jar which holds down the fermenting cabbage.

Label the date and leave on the counter for three days. After three days it’s ready to eat!

I set the fermenting kraut jar on a saucer to catch overflow from the process.  It does not turn pink immediately, but is such a pretty addition to a tossed salad with olive oil, and then you do not need to add extra salt or even vinegar.

I do not heat or freeze my sauerkraut.   It lasts for months in the fridge.
Anyone can make normal sauerkraut which is great for you too, but with the poetic “Pink Ginger Sauerkraut”; kefir whey is the key to the huge vitamin/probiotic boost, and ginger is the key to the “swing-dance” taste/immune boost, and three red cabbage leaves are key to the pink beauty appeal boost!

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