Fisherman's WharfI just have to plug “time-away” because taking time away is a must for any relationship to be healthy. Larry and I just returned from several down days we spent in California. How wonderful it was visiting my sister in her new home, getting to catch-up, talk, share and just enjoy being together! We then got to spend 1.5 days in San Fransisco which was the first time we had been there in many years and it was perfect in every way! Even the weather was glorious, sunny and warm. I wore flip-flops! It didn’t even matter that it was short. Blissful is welcomed for any amount of time!

It often seems we just can’t get-away. There’s just too much to do…too difficult to arrange time away especially when young children are under foot, when the home-based business needs constant tending OR when caring for elderly parents. However, scheduling the time and making it happen pays off in a myriad of ways! We can’t underestimate what time away can do for our relationships. Start planning, get it put on the calendar, and go have a great time!
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