I was truly saddened recently to read an article that brought my attention to something I hadn’t ever considered before. The article quotes, Sarah Cusack, MPT, CHHC who works as a Pediatric Physical Therapist. Ms Cusack is in contact with children who depend on feeding tubes due to a myriad of reasons and for some of these children it is for their entire lives. She states,

I have long questioned the nutritionally poor and inflammatory ingredients in these feedings but am devastated to find out that they are contaminated with poison. Our most vulnerable children, and our children healing from overwhelming trauma, deserve better.”  

What’s In Feeding Tubes?

The founder of Moms Across America, Zen Honeycutt was also quoted as saying,
“It is appalling that our health care providers have been led to believe this feeding liquid is safe. Our children and loved ones believe that our health institutions are supporting their immune system and recovery, instead they are being fed a liquid which contains a herbicide that could be seriously damaging their health.” 

The article goes on to say that the PediaSure Enteral Nutritional Drink is not only filled with GMO corn syrup and soya but it is also sprayed with glyphosate-based herbicides during the growing season. This nutritional drink is “a liquid supplement that is fed through a tube into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to deliver part of or all of a child’s nutritional requirements while they are in intensive care.” The manufacturer, Abbott Nutrition, states, 

Samples of this drink were tested and a good amount of it was “found to contain ‘high’ levels of glyphosate – over 75 ug/l, which was the minimum detection level of the ELISA assay used.”

Glyphosate in Mother’s Breast Milk

The testing was completed at Microbe Inotech Labs, St. Louis, Missouri. The testing of this liquid came on the tails of the very first pilot biosurvey on glyphosate in mother’s breast milk and was commissioned by Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse in 2014. It found that 3 out of 10 samples of breast milk tested were “high” for levels of this poison. They also analyzed urine and water samples and found that levels in the urine were over 10 times higher than those found in a similar survey done in Europe the year before. 
It is shocking to think that glyphosate levels are building up in women’s bodies over time and showing up in what we all have always believed as the safest food for a baby, mother’s breast milk. I’m certain if a mother understood that the food she was eating which was treated with this poison was going to show up in her breast milk she might make a different choice and only eat what she knew was grown without the use of it. But, we here in the U.S. don’t get to make that choice since there are no real labeling laws. So, we are subjected to the marketing hype on every container of “food” telling us how wonderful it is.

USDA Organic Seal

For now, the only thing we are told we can trust is the USDA Organic seal AND the Non-GMO seal from the Non-GMO project. I wish I felt completely confident with the USDA Organic seal but looking at that government agency, which houses many people who once worked for and still have close ties with the big chemical companies, it makes me pause! Until we demand with our wallets and don’t purchase foods that are genetically altered and sprayed with dangerous chemicals to boot (hard to do when so much has corn and/or soy in the ingredient list!), we won’t see change fast enough. However, it is thrilling to see how much in demand our classes are which have kept us traveling full time since June 2011. This tells me the need is tremendous and people are waking up, wanting to be informed. People are not stupid. They should have the opportunity to make decisions for their health and wellness based on education NOT marketing hype and deception. 

Call To Action

The article ends by quoting Sustainable Pulse Director Henry Rowlands:
“The more data produced regarding the levels of glyphosate in our food, water and medicines the better. Even though this testing is not validated it does give a strong clue as to how ubiquitous glyphosate is in the U.S. food supply system. The question the EPA, USDA and all regulatory bodies worldwide should be asking themselves is are they willing to risk public health by relying on short-term industry sponsored safety studies on glyphosate and all other pesticides. It is time for the regulators to support long-term independent science to determine just how damaging glyphosate pesticides are for this and future generations. While these studies are being completed all glyphosate-based herbicides should be removed from the shelves.” 
While I agree with this man I don’t count on that happening anytime too soon! There is WAY too much money invested in this stuff and BIG companies with a lot of influence and power are not going to allow that to happen. OUR best bet is to get our voices heard by making changes to our diets and demanding REAL, WHOLE, untainted, unchanged FOOD. 
If you would like resources for REAL options for nutrition feel free to see our Wellness Journey Welcome Kit and one of our certified support facilitators will be happy to direct you. 
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