If what you are wanting to do, seems overwhelming and you’re stuck trying to do anything at all, take courage in the simple system of the “D’s” – Decline, Delegate or Delete. Sometimes we just need to have a phrase when it’s necessary to decline: “I’d love to help you but I have an unbreakable appointment at that time. I hope I will be able to help next time!”

If you find yourself in charge of the next big program for your civic or church organization, delegating can sound something like: “We all have the opportunity to support the (fill in the blank) would you be willing to help with (fill in the blank).” Delegating is a powerful way to free up the demands of all that’s needing to be done.

And, of course, there are many things we can simply delete from our lives. This will free us up to do those things which add the most value and are the most important. We very often get caught up in the “thick of thin” things and the most important things get lost in the shuffle. Remember the D’s and let them lighten the load.

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