Have you noticed that almost everything marketed as “food” says on the package that it’s NATURAL? Makes you think you are getting a product that actually comes from something natural doesn’t it? WRONG. Makes me so mad that we have been duped for so long! Almost everything that comes wrapped, packaged, boxed or bagged is anything BUT natural. However, you’d be hard pressed to find what the actual truth is by reading the hype on the package. Finding the ingredient “small print” usually on the back is the best tell-tale sign on what the “food” really is. How is it that marketing can be so deceptive? How can it be that we have fallen for it? And, does it really matter? What’s the harm in eating this stuff? And, oh well, we’re all going to die from something anyway! Ha! I actually used to believe that someone was looking out for us. That nothing really dangerous would be allowed to be sold. Ha again!


Video Parody

I got a kick out of this video below which is a parody of the advertising industry’s idea of what “natural” is. While it is funny, it’s all too sad really. At least it tells me more and more people are wising up–we’re committed to helping get the message out. Watch and enjoy the chuckle, then be aware!  Click for video

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