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Ice Cream Cone Cornucopia
by Angie Law

Illustration by Tanisha Rodgers |

With Thanksgiving only days away let your little ones help with a fun idea which will double for a name "plate" and a take-home favor! A friend of mine shared with me this idea which her daughter-in-law had the children make for their festive table last year.
Purchase the "sugar-cone" ice cream cones—enough for each guest. With your tea kettle steaming hot with boiling water, place the tip of the cone in the hole of the kettle just as it begins to "whistle." Hold it there for just enough but not too much (or you'll have mush!), so you can "mold" the tip into a cornucopia shape. Hold the shape until it is cooled enough to stay. It should look like a "J" at the bottom of the cone. Fill each "cornucopia" with nuts or other treats. With fall colored card stock cut the name plates to the desired size and have the children write each name with markers then hot-glue them to the sides of the cones. With the cones laying on their sides the nuts will spill out a bit onto the table making for a festive and yummy snack!